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Hey guys, Colin here. If you know me, you know I love my self help audiobooks. These 6 action steps are my main takeaways from every self-help book I have read.

Step 1: Define Your Dream and Your Chief Objective

  • The hardest part is figuring out what you want. 
  • Once you do, write it down on white paper with blue ink.
  • It has to be positive, it cannot be in the negative.  For example, if you want a new house (like Sara and I do), say that!  Don’t say, “I don’t want to live in this house any more.”  Say, “I want to live in a new house that has these features!”  The more detail the better.
  • Worrying is negative goal setting.  If you vibrate that you don’t want something, you are actually telling the universe you do want it.  Don’t worry and only focus on the positive.
  • Dream Big!  The bigger you dream the more effective you will be. 
  • Dream build by writing down a list of everything you want.  Use this list and iterate with steps 2, 3, & 5 below to finalize your Chief Aim.  But seriously hand-write this list. 

Step 2: Believe!

  • You will only achieve when you believe.
  • Focus on the next logical step to get what you want.  For example, if your Dream is financial freedom, but you have loans, a great start would be to pay off all debts.  Once you complete that, you will gain momentum and more efficiently accomplish your next goal.
  • Think about it all the time. Put sticky notes of your goal around your house.  Say it out loud when you go to bed and wake up.  Remind yourself everyday that you will get what you want.  Expect it.  It will happen if you believe.  Don’t worry about how.
  • Get a burning desire!  Eat, sleep, and drink your desire.  You already have it, it will just take time.  You should feel like it is Christmas Eve and what you want is about to be given to you.  What you want is so close you can taste it!

Step 3: Visualize

  • Take 68 seconds everyday and visualize accomplishing your Chief Aim
  • My goal is a new house, so I am visualizing every detail of it.  Gertie (our dog) running full speed in the backyard.  Sara cooking in a wide open kitchen.  A back-house for friends and family.  A three car garage for all these Brolo that selling like hot-cakes!  And definitely a Jacuzzi!
  • The more details the better!  Visualize the colors, the smells, and every sensory detail.
  • Have a video in your head not just a picture.  Replay this story (with you in it) all the time, when you are lying in bed, driving in the car, anytime you can!
  • Focus on how you feel when you achieve your Chief Aim.  Send those vibes out into the world and the universe will send those vibes straight back to you.

Step 4: Get Your Gratitude On!

  • Be grateful that you will get what you want.  Be grateful because you already have it!
  • When you are grateful you are sending out the correct positive vibrations.  These are the exact frequencies that will get you what you want.
  • For example, we want the house of our dreams.  So everyday I say thanks for the house we are in right now.  Yes it is not perfect, but dang it sure is awesome.  What a great situation we are in!  I love this house!
  • If you want more money, be thankful for all the money you have now!  I have more than enough money. But m ore is coming in everyday!

Step 5: Feel Good Now

  • This is the only step that involves any action at all.  Isn’t that great!?
  • Your emotions are very powerful tools.  When you set your Chief Objective you should feel good. If you do not feel good, your goal needs to be adjusted such that you do feel good.
  • The proper next step on achieving your Chief Objective will feel good.  It won’t feel like work.  I love this because it eliminates all angst on what you should do next.  Go as far as you can see, and then you will see farther.
  • If you feel better everyday and feel good when you think about your Chief Objective, you are on the right track to getting what you desire.
  • Are you feeling bad?  Ask yourself what you can do right now to make yourself feel just a little better.  Do it now!  Try a walk outside, look far away, listen to your favorite music, dance, sing, get a massage, exercise, hug a pet, hug a person (20 seconds recommended), smile, take a sauna, do something creative, or listen to motivational recordings!

Step 6: Give It Back

  • Many of your desires will involve money, and that’s not a bad thing.  Money is a very powerful thing, but it is just a form of energy.  Give it away to good people or a good cause and it will flow right back to you!
  • Align the charity with your Chief Objective and it will go a long way to helping it be achieved.
  • Even when paying bills, imagine the money you are paying is coming right back to you!  More money is coming in all the time.


You can have, do, or be anything and everything you want!


I am not an expert.  I am just sharing what WILL make this world a better place.  The source of all this information is from 11 Classic Self Help books

    I even made a playlist: Manifest Your Reality Playlist.  Keep those positive vibes flowing and above all else feel good now. 


    -Colin Burt

    P.S. We have that Playlist in Apple Music and Spotify!

    P.P.S. If you like this, check out how Brolonation is using the steps above to Save the World!

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    04 April, 2021


    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    04 April, 2021

    Barbara Evans

    This is so positive and these are all facts and my readings in Christianity these are the things that you need to do 🙏but I am speaking to God to help me along with doing it myself but it’s positivity in your soul and your heart and your mind this is awesome Colin ❤️ I will keep this in my phone and remember it every day❤️🥰🙏

    21 November, 2020

    Rochelle House

    Love this Colin!! Where your energy flows, your success goes! I’m learning that it’s all our directing of energy/chi/prana/eather/ with the intense desires of our hearts. When we become conscious of this and begin to observe the outflowings of our thoughts and emotions, confluences of understanding coalesce and “aha” moments happen. Then, with wide eyed wonder we begin to create our desired realities!!!

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