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The Brolo Way

A unique, fashionable, and functional twist on a classic accessory!

The Brolo is our way of honoring our family, paying tribute to previous generations, and spreading good vibes.

Brought to you by the Burt Brothers

Our worst enemies = dorky eyewear retainers and FUBAR'ed glasses.  

To solve that problem, we started rocking the glasses in reverse, protected behind our necks. Innovated with our Uncle Carl's love for wearing bolo ties, the brolos were born. 

Eye Retainers + Bolo Tie + Burt Brothers = The Brolo


Shipped from Los Angeles!

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Brolo + Extra Slide Pack

Dual Color Combo Pack

Squad Brolo Pack

One brolo with an extra slide

Choose any design

Any combination, same price

Two different styles in one

Swap slides easy anytime

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Burt Brolos Double Brolo Sunglasses Straps | Burt Brolos

Two Brolos in one pack

Two different colored cords

Two different sliders

Choose your own design

Great savings!

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Burt Brolos

5 Brolos for your Bros

Spirit Animal Pack

One Spirit Animal for each

Bro approved gift idea

Build a Crew Statement

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