Brolo = Bolo Tie + Eyewear Retainer

Are you still wearing those embarrassing sunny straps? Let us help.

Protect your specs with Style. The Brolo is the only Reversible Sunny Strap on the market.

Features + Benefits

What the heck is a Brolo!?!

We get it. This is weird. But we love it and think you will too. Click the link below to see exactly how Protecting Your Specs with Style will change your life forever.

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Brought to you by the Burt Brothers

Our worst enemies = dorky eyewear retainers & FUBAR'ed glasses.  

To solve that problem, we started rocking our glasses in reverse, protected behind our necks. Innovated with Uncle Carl's love for bolo ties, the Brolos were born. 

Bolo Tie + Eye Retainers = The Brolo

Made in and shipped from the USA!!!

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