What is a Brolo?

The Only Reversible Eyewear Retainer in the Market

The Most Stylish and Customizable Sunglasses Strap You Can Get

Why should YOU join Brolonation?

  • Never lose your glasses again
  • Eliminate worrying about your spectacles
  • Customize type of slide and color of cord to match your unique style
  • Keep your glasses tight against your face
  • We will replace anything to make sure this Brolo stays with you for life.  You have the Burt Brother's Lifetime Guarantee
  • Led by two brothers staying small and trying to make the world a better place

Never be embarrassed to Protect your Specs again!

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The Brolo features different positions and modes to wear for your daily lifestyle


Most popular mode! Slide in the middle of the cords and FLIP!



Keeps specs close and protected for your active lifestyle. Engage slide close to your head. 



Wear the Brolo under your collar! Recommended for weddings, business casual events, and any event where you wear your shiny shoes.



  • Different cord colors to choose from
  • Various slide designs and colors
  • For both men and women
  • Create a style that's uniquely yours
  • Swap out slides and cords anytime

Will these work for my glasses?

ABSOLUTELY! We have designed the Brolo for tapered glasses (B in picture).  But we have sizes for all glasses.  If your cords don't fit email us and we will send you new ones!  Remember, you have our Lifetime Guarantee no matter what.