The Brolo combines the functionality of eyewear retainers with the style of Bolo Ties.  Never be embarrassed to Protect Your Specs again.

The Brolo works the best with tapered sunglasses temple retainers as described in our user manual. 

It does not work the best with extremely small glasses, but we are working on it. 

If your sunglasses are too big, let us know! We will mail you cords that fit.

Refer to our User Manual here.

We will email you a picture of your package prior to shipping to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

The recommended shipping takes about 5 days and costs about $3 within the USA.

Brolo comes with a Burt Brothers Life-Time Guarantee.  Just let us know if anything breaks or wears out and we will ship you a replacement 100% on us no questions asked.

If you are not happy we will return your entire purchase (including shipping) and send you a return envelope and label.

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C. Once you buy a Brolo, you are in for life.  But we accept all good people even if the Brolo isn’t for them. 

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