The Brolo is the only reversible  eyewear retainer on the market.  

They are designed in the style of Bolo Ties.

Customizable for every occasion

The standard sunny straps or glasses chains are dorky.  I have worn Brolos to weddings and people didn’t even know the Brolo was protecting my specs.

If you have ever had long hair or a ponytail, it’s the same feeling. 

It may take a while to get used to, but we guarantee you will love it.  Let’s us know if you don’t like it  and we will refund your first Brolo purchase including shipping. 


If the Brolo fails we will send a replacement 100% on us.  We want your Brolo be with you forever.  And we will keep refining our design until that happens.

Shipping takes about 5 days.  Sorry, it’s still just me (Colin) handing your Brolo to our local USPS guy Pat. That costs about $3 within USA.

I will email you a picture of your package before I ship it to make 100% sure we got you everything you want. 

You are also able to pick out the stone of your choosing for any of the unique Brolos. I will send you an email of the stones in house of the type you buy for you to choose from.


If it doesn’t, email us and we will send you cords that do. 

Pull them on like a sock! Don’t be afraid to stretch those babies. 

See our User Manual For pictures.

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