Brolonation Member of the Month - Tony Adams

Tony Adams

What's your favorite outdoor activity?
  • Anything when the weather is right! I love hiking, surfing, lounging in a hammock at 68 degrees at night, and listening to the bugs make noise!
What band/music do you recommend we check out?
  • I'm going to rep my guy Mike Love here (not the Beach Boy)! Some roots reggae from Oahu, plus- he has some outrageous dreads!
What are you thankful for?
  • Right now, summertime... I struggle through the midwest winters with those negative degrees with bone sawing wind. Overall though, the lessons I have learned through relationships with the people who have taught, trained and helped me to always try and be a better person.
What is your Chief Aim right now?
  • Finding joy in everything. Life is hard and sometimes you don't get what you want but it's finding the joy and learning the lesson in everything that helps me grow and satisfy myself.
How would you recommend our members make the world a better place daily?
  • Question the answers, be respectful and polite, and have fun! Change is created by challenge and nothing is more challenging than a well-crafted question. It takes zero effort to say please and thank you or to respect others enough to live their own lives the way that makes them happy. And remember to have fun - just cause you're an adult doesn't mean you need to act like one (it's a trap)!
What are you the most proud of?
  • Continuing education and perseverance through what others said I couldn't acheive. I almost didn't graduate high school and was told that I wouldn't do much in life... so I joined the Navy and eventually got out to focus on school. I've been out for a bit now, and am just a couple of classes away from an MS in Sustainable Development, and set to receive a certificate for Cannabis Supply Chain and Transportation!