Brolonation Member of the Month - Mooney Family

Mooney Family

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things" (George Carlin)
It’s a constant reminder to keep life simple, don’t take things too seriously but also be intentional.

What's your favorite outdoor activity?
  • We love taking advantage of San Diego’s great weather by going on local hikes, long neighborhood walks and paddleboarding. But most importantly these activities are best when wearing our favorite Burt Brolos!!


What's one outdoor location we should visit?
  • Idyllwild is one of our favorite vacation destinations. Easily accessible from anywhere in Southern California, this quaint mountain town boasts gorgeous views of the valley below, hikes for all levels and even a brewery to enjoy a cold one after any adventure.
Name one band our members should listen to
  • Fall Off The Earth, a Canadian Indie band, is one of our favs because of their creative music videos, catchy covers and inspiring originals.
  • Jason Mraz is also a longtime favorite as he’s a San Diego local musician turned farmer/activist now dedicated to sustainability and quality product.
When are you happiest?
  • Spending time with family in the fresh air. And when eating pizza and drinking beer.
What gets you most excited?
  • We get excited when planning and taking road trips! The adventures, the friends and family we’ll get to see and all the lasting memories we’ll have the opportunity to create. Hittin’ the road gives us life!

What are you thankful for?
  • We are beyond thankful for our amazing support system of family and friends. We couldn’t do life without all their love and help.
What is your Dream or Chief Objective? 
  • The Mooney Dream is to one day build our own house. We hope to reduce our foot print, live more sustainably off our own land and leave a legacy for the next Mooney generations to come.
What are you the most proud of? 
  • Definitely Tyler's journey to be a firefighter.  These past couple years he has got his EMT certification, received a Fire Technology degree, passed the Fire Academy, and has been working his butt off in a variety of jobs that are stepping stones to where he plans to go.