Sara's Grocery Delivery Tips for the New Normal

Going to the store has been awful lately, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.  Because of that my amazing wife Sara (pictured above with Gertie) has got us dialed with grocery deliveries.  Below are the services she uses to eliminate going to the grocery store all together.  We are not saying these are the best, but we wanted to share our experiences hoping they make your life easier.

Imperfect Foods

We have been long term members with these guys for a while.  They hooked us initially by delivering a weekly package of “imperfect produce” that didn’t make it into stores.  But now they deliver a lot more than fruits and veggies.  Our weekly delivery consists of produce, assorted meats, eggs, and sometimes coffee.  No membership fee.  Not sure they are accepting new customers but they are planning to soon.


Thrive Market

We have only been using Thrive for about 3 months over two shipments.  They focus on all organic products. Sara gets dry goods like canned food, spices, and healthy snacks.  We love their snacks for road trips.  They are all fresh, clean, and healthy.   They do charge a subscription service but Sara swears it is worth it.


These guys focus on household cleaning products, which is exactly what we need right now.  They also have a carbon offset program which we love!  Sara gets a monthly subscription and picks only what we need. 


We have used this a couple times to deliver groceries from local stores and have gotten Costco deliveries within the hour.  Pretty amazing stuff.  They focus on bigger cities so they can offer quick delivery times.  They let you allow replacement options or not. 


Our dog dirty Gertie Burty goes through some toys!  BarkBox delivers a monthly subscription of dog toys for about $20.  Each box has a fun theme and is usually full of two bags of treats, one long lasting chew toy, and two stuffed toys.  Gertie loves her BarkBox.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Hope this helps you stay safe, healthy, and sane. Can’t wait to get together and throw out some Brolonation hugs when all this dies down. 


-Colin Burt

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