Diana's Top 5 Self-Help Books

Hey Brolonation,

As Brolo Babe Diana would say, there is an attitude about self-help books.  She, like us, enjoys cultivating that in everyone, especially people we love, YOU!  Below are Diana's favorites.  I am downloading the audios now!!!  Thank you so much D. 

"This was exceptionally hard to choose 5 😅 so I chose 5 that I think anyone in any walk of life or profession would get something out of:

1) The Energy Bus

I’m starting here because this is a book I think everyone should read, and every parent should read with their kids. It’s in a story format so it’s approachable for young readers. It does an excellent job of building up who you are as a person, and how our attitudes are our own choices and therefore within our control. It challenges victim mentality by giving yourself your power back.

2) What To Say When You Talk to Your Self

The voice we hear the longest and loudest is our own. One of my favorite reminders is “if you were to talk to your friends the way you talk to yourself, would you have any friends?” The author does a good job of setting up what positive self talk actually is, how you’re probably doing it wrong (if at all) and why it’s so important. And then discusses how to change.

3) Think & Grow Rich

If you’re like me and went to public school and didn’t choose business as a college path - this book might tick you off because “where have these ideas been hiding all this time?!” 😅. It’s jam packed with success principles and how to think about money. Even for people that don’t own businesses, I think it’s a really important book to help understand what’s out there. And passing this knowledge on to the next gen is vital.

4) How to Have Confidence & Power in Dealing with People

The title says a lot about the book. Every day I see multiple examples of missed opportunities because people are afraid of other people. This is a great book for introverts & extroverts alike because it’s practical skill building.

5) The Compound Effect

This is the most impactful book I’ve ever read. It’s a simple concept and it’s broken down into simple practice. But if you take even a little action in what is recommended, if you’re like me, you’ll laugh at yourself for how easily you fool yourself daily. This is a great mirror for every habit in your life." 

Thank you so much for sharing Diana!!!  If you want to support Diana, her retail page is linked below.  She is all about building relationships and will answer any questions you have so please reach out to her!

To end this post, Diana and I want to challenge you to read any positive self-help book for 10 minutes everyday for a year.  Success is doing the right things long enough consistently.  And readers are leaders.

Cheers to your success,


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