Brolonation’s 5 Favorite Breweries

Hey guys, I am Ryan Goldwater and I love my craft beer.  I was brought into Brolonation early because I have the pleasure to call Colin and Keenan cousins.  They dubbed me the Brolonation Brewmaster and wanted me to share my favorites with you. The list below are 5 craft brewers that get my mouth watering.  I love the idea of you trying this beer for the first time.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Location: Orange County, CA


Description: Green Cheek a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.  Their motto is DRINK WHILE SMILING and that’s exactly what we do because their beer is delicious!  Their patio (located in Costa Mesa) is amazing and is their food is delicious.  Their burger is literally one of the best I’ve ever had.

My Favorite Release: 
Swim Test (Hazy Triple IPA)

  • Milky yellowy/white body, with hoppy layers that taste like pineapple, lychee and nectarines. 10.2% ABV so you know we like to party

Burt Bro's Favorite:
Fest Beer (Munich Style Lager)

  • This beer brings Colin back to his Munich trip.  What a great time with good people!  Try this one if you want to taste some German deliciousness, but we drink it cold over here. 
  • Paired with the Labradorite Brolo because they both go well with the some sunshine.


Location: San Diego, CA


Description: Pure Project has a unique story.  They started their brewery in Costa Rica in 2013 and brought back those island influences when they moved to San Diego (where they were both raised) around 2015.  We also love these guys because they are all about sustainability (1% for the planet), brewing with the seasons, and community. Keep up the great work Jesse and Mat!

Favorite Release:
Force of Nature (Murky IPA)

  • Murky yellow gold color, a fluffy head and features tropical, pine notes and bitterness. 6.5% ABV

Burt Bro's Favorite: 
Formless Reflections (Murky IPA)

  • These guys love their Hazy brews, but they call them Murky.  Tough to drink all night long, but definitely a sweet change of pace. Paired with the Ammonite Brolo because nothing is as formless as an Ammonite. 


Location: San Diego, CA


Description: Mikkeler’s vision is to combine the craft beer traditions of Europe with the ones from Southern California.  They focus on fresh hoppy beers and classic European styles.

Favorite Release:
“No Handlebars” (Cream Ale)

  • Raspberry, full bodied with a red pinkish hint on the body and with a backend of freshness. It tastes like a Pop Tart! 8% ABV

Burt Bro's Favorite: 
“Passion Pool” (Gose Style Sour Ale)

  • With passion fruit and sea salt, this guy is about as crisps as it gets.  Usually you can't drink more than one sour.  But the Burt Bro's could drink this all night.  Pucker up!
  • Paired with the USA Brolo because we are stoked for these classic European styles are being brewed out here on the West Coast!

Brewery #4: BURLEY OAK

Location: Berlin, Maryland


Description: After losing his job in 2008, Bryan Brushmiller went all in and took a chance on himself and his hobby brewing.  Always good to see people doing what they love.  And he pledges to stay small but think big.  Absolutely love that.

Favorite Release:
Blueberry Peach Cobbler (J.R.E.A.M.)

  • Sweet, jammy blueberries, peaches and pie spices all these fruits complement each other super well! 4.8% ABV

Brewery #5: UNTITLED ART

Location: Waunakee, Wisconsin


Description: These guys are all about new drink concepts, their style, and you guessed it, art.  Every beverage they bring to your lips is wrapped in a unique piece of art.  They even make CBD seltzer!  Yes please!

Favorite Release:
Raspberry Passion Fruit Sherbet (sour)

  • Raspberry, passion fruit, tart, sweet and fruity. Perfect beer for relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun. 7% ABV

Burt Bro's Interesting Taste: 
Pineapple Upside Down Sherbet

  • Do you love Tang?  Well then you are going to love this beer!  Paired with the Tiger Eye Brolo, because Tigers love Tang. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Brolonation.  As you can see I love my Hazy’s and Fruity brews!  Enjoy.  And stay parched.

-Ryan Goldwater
--The Brolonation Brewmaster

P.S. Buy a Brolo or a Coozie so the Burt Brothers can buy more beer to share with the Brolonation (me included)!

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