Best Bolo Ties of 2019

Bolo Ties are coming back hotter than ever.  We wanted to document the 5 best Bolo Ties of 2019, for all you who love them as much as we do.

1) Aaron Rodgers: It doesn't get better than combining a Bolo with an awesome mustache and a Canadian Tuxedo  This was on his way to taking NFL mugshots, so every profile picture shown during the games includes that stache.  Look for it when he plays in the 2020 Playoffs (PLAYOFFS!?!?).

Aaron Rodger Bolo Tie 2019


2) Brian May: The guitarist for Queen, was representing for all Bolo lovers when he wore a New Mexican style Bolo Tie while accepting a Golden Globe for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Check out the movie if you haven't, highly recommended by Brolonation.  Love how Brian has been rocking that hair-do since the very beginning and has no plans of stopping.  Nicely done Bri guy!

Brian May Bolo Tie 2019 Bohemian Rhapsody

3) Gardner Minshew: Another NFL QB with a Bolo and an awesome mustache. The difference is that Gardner rocks that stach all day every day. Love this because he is wearing the Bolo without a collar a lot like a Brolo. Gardner is an up-and-coming star in the NFL. After Nick Foles got injured the 6th round draft pick took his place and didn't miss a beat. He did so well that when Foles came back the Jags eventually started Minshew even though Foles is their big money QB. So excited to see what this guy brings in 2020. 

Gardner Minshew Bolo Tie Awesome Mustache 2019

4) Tyler Cain: The famous music producer was rocking a Bolo with the beautiful and talented Meghan Linsey at the CMT Music Awards this year. The music stars recently announced their engagement. She looked super stoked and the ring is of course beautiful. Congrats guys!  They came out with a single together this year called Four Letter Word, that I am sure will challenge Suitcase Heart as his most popular song.  Tyler frequently rep's the Bolo Tie like a champ. Keep it up dude!

Tyler Cain CMT Music Awards Meghan Linsey Bolo Tie 2019

5) Sam Tecklenburg: We have an offensive lineman sighting!  The anchor of the Baylor offensive line is a left-handed center (don’t see that much), has great technique, and started 25 straight games in 2018-2019 including the 2020 Sugar Bowl.  He also turned heads during the Big 12 Conference Media Days when he represented Texas with a Bolo Tie. Love that design. Say what you want about lineman, but we got style baby!

Sam Tecklenburg Texas Baylor Bolo Tie 2019 

Honorable Mention:

The Dallas Stars took their pregame swag to the next level with Bolo Ties for one of the best games of the year, the NHL Winter Classic.  Played outdoor in the Dallas Cotton Bowl, the Winter Classic featured throw-back jerseys and a WWII aircraft flyby to complete the old time feel.  We had to mention this Bolo sighting, even though they missed 2019 by 1 day.  The Stars may start wearing Bolos every game because they beat the Predators 4-2.  Nicely done guys.  You are already front runners for the best Bolos of 2020!

Dallas Stars Jamie Benn Bolo Tie Winter ClassicDallas Stars NHL Bolo Ties Winter Classic


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