Alvino's Hip-Hop Gems for Brolonation

Hey guys,

I am a Brolonation member, college friend of Colin Burt, life-long friend of his wife Sara, and a hip-hop head for life.  Hip-hop has many layers, levels and portals.  It takes inspiration from everywhere, making it dynamic and dense.  Hip-hop wraps all influences into one big musical sandwich, and who doesn’t like sandwiches?  This list highlights different flavors, as there are many.  We have jazzy hits, rock slappers, soulful vibes and new school tastes that dip your ears into bliss.  All albums can be played start to finish and tell a good message.  So put your headphones on, listen with an open mind, and get ready for insightful storytelling through mesmerizing flows.  Here are Apple Music andSpotify playlists if you want to listen straight through 14 hours of flows and beats that transcend many people's image of hip hop.  But don’t you dare shuffle!

  1. CJ Fly - Rudebwoy This is a 2020 release and is sure to please. A perfect album to listen to as summer days approach. It has a reggae influence that’s matched with potent lyrics and some amazing story telling. 
  2. Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume 2 The is a classic album. Guru collaborates with some jazz icons to make a timeless album. There’s some noteworthy messages to take in and you will most definitely feel good listening to this. 
  3. Oddisee - Tangible Dream Oddisee is a master producer and lyricist. His lyrics are raw and his production takes smooth samples and puts them in your face. He has a gangster tone but has motivation and thought provoking lyrics.
  4. Evidence - Weather or Not Evidence has a very unique flow. It’s classy and smooth. This album slows it down a bit and really lets you sink into your environment. 
  5. Digable Planet - Beyond the Spectrum This album has a playful jazzy sound that is very unique to DP. The way they ride the beat with a different cadence.
  6. The Roots - Undun This album takes you on a journey. There’s lots of substance and tons to digest. Black Thoughts works with The Roots band is unmatched. This is a piece of art in my opinion.
  7. Mac Miller - Circles Mac Miller created his own genre on this one. If you haven’t dove into this album as a whole, do yourself a favor and listen to it all the way through.  And this came out posthumous. RIP Mac. 
  8. Fashawn - Boy Meets World Unmatched storytelling and perspectives here. The production for Exile is amazing. Exile and Fashawn are a killer duo.
  9. Dem Atlas - Bad Actress The is a great genre fusing album. Dem’s has a gritty singing voice and he comes up with some catchy melodies.
  10. Eyedea & Abilities - By the Throat If you are looking for something with some rock influence or something that is more rugged, this is your album. Eyedea is a legendary lyricist and when put to this rock influenced production you can’t help but feel the energy. 
  11. Pep Love - Ascension A west coast classic. Simple as that.
  12. JID - Decaprio 2 JID’s new has some new school production, but his flow is 90’s influenced. He keeps his elders proud while being relevant to the youth.
  13. Planet Asia & Apollo Brown - Anchovies Another work of art here. Apollo Brown's production is flawless and puts Planet Asia’s lyrics front and center for you.
  14. The Grouch, Eligh & Cunninlynguists - The WinterFire EP This combination of MCs needs no justifying. A solid piece of work from true living legends
  15. Black Thought - Streams of Thought Volume 2 This is Black Thought in his element. He really opens it up for you compared to The Roots music. It’s raw and it’s still over live instrumentation, so it has a human feel to it.
  16. Royce Da 5’9’’ - The Allegory A 2020 release from one of hip-hops most respected MCs. He really spills it out on this one.
  17. Blu - Her Favorite Colo(u)r This is a very jazzy album here with some amazing Billie Holiday samples. 

Honorable Mention songs to check out

  • Sam lachow - Lady Sunday
  • Anime - Caroline
  • Evidence _ Unlearning
  • Atmosphere - Postal Lady
  • Earth gang - Sunday


-Brandon Alvino

--The Brolonation Hip-Hop Aficionado 

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05 June, 2020


Thanks for the info and tips for us “older generations “. 😂🤣😂. Love it and excellent write up ! The Roots Undun #1💪🇺🇸🥰

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